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GALLERY 11 Burning

Blackford Historical Society maintains an extensive archive of historical photographs relating to the village, its people and the surrounding area.

The gallery below shows a thumbnail copy of the photograph (click on the thumbnail to open a larger image) and a textual description with any information we know about the subjects. We would welcome any comments or additional information relating to each photograph to help us complete our records.

On 26 January 1716, the village of Blackford was burned by the Jacobites.  These photos were taken in January 2016 at the 300th Anniversary of the Burning of Blackford.  An event was held in the Games Park and the Church with performances by the Alan Breck's Regiment, Strathearn Pipe Band, Blackford Sings, Blackford Fiddle Group and Daoine Sith, funded by the Blackford Community Fund through Foundation Scotland.  For more information on the history of the burning see here.

Please contact the Society Secretary here with any information or if you would like to enquire about the cost for high resolution copies of some of the photographs. Please quote both the number and the title so we know which photo you are referring to.

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