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Blackford village is situated in central Scotland beside the A9 trunk road, about 20 miles south of Perth and 15 miles north of Stirling.

Blackford parish covers an area of approximately 21,000 acres which extends from the Ochil hills to the river Earn, a distance of about ten miles.

Blackford Historical Society was established in 2001 and aims to promote awareness and understanding of the local history of Blackford and the surrounding area. The society holds a regular programme of events throughout the year and gladly welcomes members and non-members to attend.

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Evidence of occupation in the parish area extends back to prehistoric times and provides a place of fascinating historical and social interest. The village itself stands on an ancient fording place that traditionally gives rise to its name, the Black Ford. Water has played an important role in the history and development of the village, giving rise to early breweries, mills, ropeworks and a distillery. Despite the village being burnt to the ground by Jacobite forces in 1716, it continued to develop through the Industrial Revolution up to the war years and beyond.

The Society maintains an archive of historical information and would always like to hear from anyone who has old postcards, photographs, maps, drawings, information or even newspaper cuttings relating to this area.


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